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Chips & European


Served with Salad & Kebab Sauce, Separate 50p Each


Served on a Naan Bread with Salad & Sauce, Separate 50p Each

Kebab & Chips

Served with Salad & Sauce, Separate 50p Each


Fresh Wraps Prepared and Cooked from Scratch by Our Chef Wrapped with Salad & Kebab Sauce


Pizzas & Calzones

Tandoori Dishes

Served with Rice, Salad & Tikka Masala Sauce. Freshly Grilled in a Clay Oven Using the Finest Quality Meat

Signature Jaipuri Dish

Barbecued Meat Cooked in a Wok With Chunky Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Selected Spices Making a Relatively Dry Dish Served With Separate Masala Sauce. Rice not included. Not part of any meal deal

Classic Curries

Vegetarian Side Dishes

Chef's Specialities

Rice & Breads

Biryani Dishes

Basmati Rice Spiced Then Stir-fried With Onions and Peppers Cooked With a Meat of Your Choice


Kids Meal

All Kids Meals Come with a Sweet and Drink

Set Meals


Carrier Bag